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REACH was born in a hospital in 2003 out of necessity in Augusta, Georgia due to the scarcity of stroke specialists in rural hospitals.  The stroke neurologists at the Medical College of Georgia (now known as Augusta University) were highly frustrated by the arrival of ischemic stroke patients outside of the treatment window for tPA.  Led by Dr. David Hess, the neurologists determined that most of these patients went to their local (rural) hospitals first, well within the tPA treatment window.  But because the local hospitals didn’t have access to a stroke specialist, the hospital would then transport the patient to Augusta, arriving too late for tPA treatment.

Led by Dr. David Hess and Grant Kohler, the REACH team built the first telemedicine software system that combined videoconferencing, medical imaging, and patient data into one easy to use platform.  This system was accessed by the stroke specialist through the use of a standard PC with a webcam and connected to the bed‐​side clinician at the hospital to facilitate diagnosis and emergency treatment. The system received widespread attention and recognition from medical institutions across the United States.

Today REACH remains true to its heritage as the first enterprise telemedicine software company.  We work closely with physicians to design new, ground‐​breaking clinical toolsets and our expert software engineers bring these designs to life, focusing on features that deliver intuitive ease of use, care‐​team collaboration, and the flexibility needed to support broad and evolving needs.  These systems now provide the underpinning of many of the nation’s leading telemedicine programs, supporting multiple specialties in a variety of care settings.

As we have from day‐​1, high‐​quality care is our top priority and we ALWAYS strive to help healthcare providers bring the right care, to the right patient, at the right time, no matter where they are located.

In May 2018, REACH Health was acquired by InTouch Health, the leading enterprise telehealth platform.

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