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Leveraging the data captured in the unique clinical workflow and documentation in REACH 5.0, REACH Clinical Analytics provide the ability to showcase the quality improvements telemedicine brings to patient care and identify opportunities for additional progress. Only that which is measured may be improved, and REACH Clinical Analytics offer key insights for enhancing patient care through telemedicine.

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Similar to REACH Performance Analytics, REACH Clinical Analytics provide in‐​depth dashboards and reports that can be run at the touch of a button. These tools highlight key metrics and trends relevant to attending physicians, consulting specialists, service lines, specialties, individual consultations, and the telemedicine program as a whole. For example, telemedicine program administrators can easily see how time is spent in every stage of a telemedicine encounter, such as how much time elapses between the request for a remote consultation and the time at which the remote specialist joins the consultation. As with REACH Performance Analytics, these reports can be generated at the physician, hospital and network level. Every service line or clinical specialty also contains its own set of unique reports attuned to relevant standard measures.  Examples include Door‐​to‐​Needle times and other metrics needed for participation in the AHA/​ASA “Get With The Guidelines” program for stroke treatment, and a time‐​to‐​treatment measure for monitoring boarding times of behavioral health patients in the ED relative to the 4‐​hour maximum recommendation from the Joint Commission.

Clinical Analytics: A Key Component of Data‐​Driven Telemedicine


In addition to the broad Clinical Analytics, individual consult reports are automatically created for each consultation and easily accessible for detailed reviews of specific patients treated via telemedicine.

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