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REACH 5.0 offers seamless integration between REACH telehealth consultations and your EMR. Integrating REACH with your EMR can streamline telehealth workflows, eliminate dual documentation, increase provider efficiency during telemedicine encounters, and help improve patients’ quality of care.

The ability to record, access and share clinical data can greatly improve patient outcomes by enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of telemedicine consultations.  But, because the EMR is designed to serve as an all‐​inclusive data archive, physicians often find that documenting directly in the EMR is cumbersome and inefficient during telemedicine sessions.  Conversely, the use of a specialized documentation tool that features the protocols of specific clinical specialties can enhance the quality of telemedicine encounters.  Adding to the complexity, telemedicine networks often include healthcare organizations using different EMR systems.  Ideally, patient data from telemedicine consultations can be shared with all appropriate EMR systems in a heterogeneous environment.

From the 2016 U.S. Telemedicine Industry Survey:

  • Lack of integration between telemedicine systems and the EMR is an unaddressed challenge for 40% of providers.  Conversely, only 14% providers have addressed this challenge.
  • Lack of a common EMR used in Hub and Spoke hospitals in a telemedicine network is an unaddressed challenge for 43% of providers.  Conversely, only 13% providers have addressed this challenge.
  • 66 % of hospitals are using a telemedicine platform that is stand‐​alone, not integrated with their EMR.
  • Only 12% of hospitals are using their EMR system as their telemedicine platform.

To address these challenges and ensure that physicians have timely access to the information they need and eliminate dual‐​documentation, REACH 5.0 offers a variety of EMR integration options to provide the most appropriate solution for each provider, up to and including field‐​level mapping to and from multiple EMR systems.

Accessing Patient Information from REACH
For faster access and improved accuracy

Clinicians can review a patient’s demographic information, vital signs, lab results and treatment history directly within REACH. Displaying pertinent EMR information within REACH can save valuable minutes in time‐​sensitive situations by eliminating the need to toggle between Reach and the EMR. Additionally, specialists have the opportunity to review the patient’s information within REACH and can begin forming an initial impression before interacting directly with the patient.

Transferring Data from REACH to the EMR
For complete patient stories within the EMR and improved reporting/​analytics

At the conclusion of the consultation, new observations and notes associated with the consultation are immediately available within the patient’s record in the EMR. If multiple EMR systems are involved, such as one in the local provider facility and another in the remote facility of the consulting specialist, both can be updated, even if the EMRs are supplied by different vendors.

Some healthcare organizations may need only basic data archiving capabilities.  In this case, they may choose to send the patient information in the form of a PDF that is attached to the patient’s EMR record.  Other healthcare organizations needing more sophisticated integration can choose the field‐​level option and have the patient’s record in the EMR updated with the relevant data fields from within REACH.  This more advanced level of integration helps healthcare organizations fully leverage the value of reporting and analysis of statistics and trends using the data in their EMR system of record.

HITRUST Certified
Ensuring the security of transferred information

The security of sensitive data transferred to and from the EMR system is of utmost importance for healthcare providers.  The EMR integration engine used by REACH not only complies with HIPAA requirements but is also HITRUST certified.  HITRUST is the leading third party auditing framework for healthcare.  Multiple regulations and standards are harmonized across the HITRUST CSF, making it the pinnacle of verified trust.  This level of certification validates the findings of approved auditors and adds another level of confidence in the security of data transferred between REACH and the EMR system.

Contact us to learn more about EMR integration with the REACH telemedicine platform.

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