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REACH Health is the enterprise telemedicine software company.  Our award‐​winning telemedicine platform and solutions help healthcare providers overcome traditional time, distance and resource obstacles associated with care delivery.

Created by physicians and developed in close collaboration with leading medical centers, REACH Health’s enterprise telemedicine platform enjoys a proven track record of success, helping healthcare providers achieve measurable improvements in their clinical, operational and financial performance.  We are continuously innovating with the goal of improving telemedicine effectiveness and the quality of patient care.

Today, REACH Health is recognized for providing unique software‐​based telemedicine solutions that provide support for specialized clinical requirements and are easily adapted to settings of care across the health care continuum.

What makes REACH 5.0 Unique?

Clinical Configurability

REACH 5.0 provides the ultimate in flexibility, allowing you to configure specialized clinical workflows for any medical specialty in any care setting. This is accomplished using a groundbreaking new technology called REACH Clinical Widgets. Clinical Widgets are configurable apps that support each key function in a telemedicine consultation. By grouping Clinical Widgets together you can define service lines, each with a unique clinical workflow. Additionally, each physician can choose default widgets to further refine workflows to suit their individual patient engagement preferences. Learn More »

Future Ready Architecture

REACH 5.0 is a secure, browser-based telemedicine platform. No expensive, proprietary hardware is required. You can use any standard Mac or Windows PC – or any standard tablet including iPad, Android or Surface – at the point-of-care and the remote physician's location. Also, because REACH 5.0 lives in the cloud, there is no need to install or maintain local software. Simply log into the secure URL from your web browser for all remote consultations and all reporting and administrative functions. Learn More »

Clinical Workflow and Collaboration

Collaboration between bedside clinicians and remote specialists improves the effectiveness of telemedicine. The clinical workflow capabilities of REACH 5.0 are designed to foster collaboration among the entire care team and help guide patient evaluation, diagnosis and treatment decisions. Clinical workflows in REACH extend far beyond basic operational workflow (such as defining when a specialist should join a consultation) to map out complete treatment protocols. Learn More »

Enterprise Telemedicine Platform

The term 'telemedicine platform' is commonly used by vendors but not all platforms are created equal. Do you need a telemedicine platform that allows you to configure unique clinical workflows for each specialty, in each care setting? One that allows your doctors to further refine workflows to suit their individual patient engagement preferences? How about the ability to monitor and report on clinical performance measures? With REACH 5.0, you can do all of this and more from a secure URL in your web browser, using any standard computer or tablet with no software to install or maintain. Learn More »

Physician Friendly

Patient consultations via telemedicine harbor unique challenges compared to in-person consultations. REACH 5.0 is designed to recreate the bedside experience by maximizing focus on the patient while providing only clinically relevant data. The remote physician always has a full-screen view of the patient — multiple screens or applications are never needed. Each physician can set up personal shortcuts to tailor consultations to their patient-engagement preferences for each setting of care. And each physician can use their own tablet, laptop or PC with no software to install or maintain. Learn More »

Data-Driven Telemedicine

With REACH 5.0, you can establish a data-driven telemedicine program. Data captured by the REACH Clinical Widgets is available through the analytics dashboards and reports in REACH 5.0. You can monitor telemedicine program performance, compare results among participating facilities, identify areas for improvement, and quantify and demonstrate the value of telemedicine to senior leadership. Additionally, you can monitor clinical performance measures relevant to attending physicians, consulting specialists, service lines, specialties, individual consultations, and the telemedicine program as a whole. Learn More »

Two-Way EMR Integration

REACH 5.0 offers seamless integration between REACH telemedicine consultations and your EMR. Integrating REACH with your EMR can streamline telemedicine workflows, eliminate dual documentation and increase efficiency during telemedicine encounters. REACH 5.0 offers a variety of EMR integration options to provide the most appropriate solution for each provider, up to and including field-level mapping to and from multiple EMR systems. Learn More »

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