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REACH Telemedicine Software Platform

REACH telemedicine software powers some of the most successful telemedicine networks in the nation, including the nation’s longest‐​running telestroke program at Augusta University. These hospitals are successful because their talented doctors and nurses are able to leverage the unique advantages of REACH telemedicine software.

Hardware Independence

The REACH telemedicine software applications utilize an open architecture design, independent of the hardware devices such as carts, robots, etc. The benefits of this separation can be significant for your organization:

  • You can choose from a wide variety of end‐​point options such as high‐​performance telemedicine carts, desktop computers, laptops and tablets. In the ED or ICU setting, a high‐​performance cart may be the preferred option. For use in the EMS, a ruggedized laptop or tablet may be best. In the clinic or physician practice setting, a standard tablet may be the optimal choice. In many cases, your healthcare organization may already have the endpoint devices needed to run REACH the system.
  • With REACH, you can completely avoid the use of proprietary hardware if desired. Obsolescence is one of the consistent challenges organizations face with hardware purchases. The telemedicine industry is evolving rapidly and as a result, expensive proprietary hardware that is marketed as state‐​of‐​the art today, is quickly rendered obsolete, often within 12 months or less. REACH enables you to use cost‐​effective, off‐​the‐​shelf computers and components to achieve ongoing flexibility and longevity.

Clinical and Administrative Software

REACH telemedicine software provides much more than a simple AV connection between doctor and patient. And in addition to robust clinical capabilities, REACH provides the administrative tools necessary to manage a comprehensive telemedicine program.

Clinical Software

REACH 5.0 includes configurable clinical workflows and protocols to support any specialty in any care setting. These capabilities are shared by the remote specialist and bedside clinicians to foster collaboration for the entire care team. The REACH software solution is proven to go far beyond simply enabling consultations, to truly enhance clinical effectiveness. Learn More »

Administrative Software

Effective telemedicine programs require visibility into clinical metrics from individual consultations as well as broader trends based on specialties and service lines, physicians and facilities. REACH telemedicine software provides the reports and analytics dashboards needed for full‐​spectrum monitoring, ranging from overall telemedicine program performance to individual consultations. Learn More »

Browser‐​Based – No Software Installation Required

If you can use Amazon® or QuickBooks Online®, you can use REACH — with all the security needed to ensure compliance with HIPAA requirements. And because REACH is Internet‐​based and doesn’t require a software installation on your computer, your organization can take advantage of many unique benefits:

  • REACH serves as a platform that enables program administrators and/​or IT personnel to fine‐​tune clinical and administrative functionality to support enterprise telemedicine programs that span multiple medical specialties and care settings. Our expert implementation team helps you rapidly addresses unique requirements that can often vary among facilities within the same telemedicine network.
  • Routine system maintenance and enhancements are often completed without any assistance needed from your IT staff. Hospital IT projects are frequently backlogged but the Internet‐​based design of REACH helps the clinical and administrative teams utilize the latest advancements in telemedicine technology without being hampered by the typical IT scheduling delays.

Contact us to learn more about the many unique benefits of this software‐​based telemedicine solution.

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