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REACH Administrative Solutions provide unprecedented visibility into multiple aspects of a telemedicine program’s performance using key metrics to establish baselines and enable continuous improvement. Based on the detailed data captured by REACH 5.0, the telemedicine program performance analytics span multiple levels including the network, hospital, clinical specialty or service line, individual remote specialists and bedside clinicians.

REACH performance analytics populate easy‐​to‐​understand reports that may be saved and updated over time. These reports are generated with the push of a button and empower telemedicine program directors and other administrators to monitor the overall program performance, compare results among the participating hospitals, identify areas for improvement, quantify and demonstrate the value of telemedicine to senior leadership, and more.

Learn How REACH Customers Use Performance Analytics for Data‐​Driven Telemedicine


Standard reports include:

  • Consult Volume: this report provides a basic view of telemedicine consults over time, for the entire network, individual hospitals, service lines or individual physicians.
  • Patient Retention Trend: A historical trend of patients who remained in the originating site, typically the patient’s local hospital
  • Transfer Volume: this report acts as a complement to the Patient Retention Trend report, providing a historical view of the total patient transfers among partner hospitals in the network
  • Plus many more

Consultant Consult Volume Bar Chart

REACH performance analytics can be used hand‐​in‐​hand with clinical analytics to ensure a telemedicine program that not only recreates the bedside experience but is viable and sustainable.

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