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The REACH Clinical Solutions are designed to suit the requirements of a wide range of care settings.  Healthcare organizations can utilize this single, enterprise telemedicine platform to address their needs across the full healthcare continuum.

This unique ability to support a wide range of care settings is accomplished through several key capabilities:

Device Portability and Independence

REACH is a telemedicine software solution.  As such, it operates independent of hardware devices such as telemedicine carts or robots, PCs, laptops and tablets.  You have the freedom to choose the device that is most appropriate for each setting of care.  For instance, in the ED or ICU setting, a high‐​performance cart may be the preferred option.  EMS may prefer a ruggedized laptop or tablet.  In the clinic or physician practice setting, a standard laptop or tablet may be the optimal choice.  In many cases, your healthcare organization may already have the devices needed to run the REACH system.

Clinical Modularity

Utilizing the unique capabilities of the REACH Clinical Widget® applications, disease‐​specific consultations can be tailored specifically for each setting of care.  This is accomplished easily at the point of care, requiring no custom configuration changes during system set‐​up.

As an example, for stroke treatment in an acute care setting, the NIH Stroke Scale and tPA Administration widgets might be appropriate.  However in post‐​acute follow‐​up settings such as a clinic or rehab facility, the NIH Stroke Scale widget would be used again for periodic assessments, but the tPA Administration widget would not be appropriate.  This flexibility allows healthcare providers to support the continuum of care settings, all on a single platform.  This also enables each physician to utilize only the tools needed within their care setting and eliminate the overhead and distraction of unnecessary or irrelevant information.

EMR Integration

The ability to pull patient data from the EMR into REACH and send updated patient data from REACH to multiple EMR systems allows physicians across the continuum of care to maintain a comprehensive view into the treatment of each patient.

Contact us to learn more about using the REACH enterprise telemedicine platform in your specific settings of care.

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