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Physician coverage is a critical cornerstone for any telemedicine program. Telemedicine itself aims to provide more comprehensive care to a larger group of patients with inherently limited specialist resources. Unfortunately, many programs face one or more common challenges in this area:

  • Lack of specialists needed to fully support the telemedicine program
  • Poor service from a third‐​party provider of physician coverage services:
    • Slow to respond
    • Random physician assignments resulting in a lack of consistent relationships
    • Unacceptable quality of individual physicians

To eliminate many of the obstacles that can impede telemedicine programs, REACH Health has a roster of fully‐​vetted physician coverage partners.  Just as our software is easily configured to your exact needs, we provide a tailored approach to physician services.  If you need physician resources to supplement your internal coverage or fully staff your telemedicine program, REACH takes responsibility for ensuring that you have the most appropriate partners to choose from.  We work closely with you to fully understand your needs and preferences, and recommend only the physician service partners that meet or exceed your requirements.

Once the ideal physician coverage partner is identified, our ground‐​breaking approach combines the unique clinical capabilities of the REACH telemedicine software platform – that recreate the bedside experience for the doctor and the patient – with unique approaches to physician coverage. We help you establish a virtual practice to ensure consistent, familiar relationships between remote specialists and bedside clinicians.


The key benefits of physician coverage services provided by our partners include:

Virtual Practice

You specify the criteria used to identify candidate physicians to be considered for participation in your telemedicine program.  From these criteria, a REACH physician coverage partner provides a pool of candidates and you participate in the vetting process and final selections.  With this approach we strive to ensure that your quality standards are fully addressed, just as they would be when recruiting for internal positions.

Consistent Relationships

Studies have shown that having familiar relationships at both ends of the telemedicine consultation results in better patient outcomes.  With our coverage model, your bedside clinicians consistently work with the same specialist physicians – the physicians you helped to select for your program.  Unlike other coverage models that simply identify the next available physician, essentially at random, your bedside clinicians and the dedicated coverage physicians will develop familiar working relationships over time.

Guaranteed Response Times

In acute settings such as psych triage or stroke diagnosis and treatment, every minute is critical.  You need the assurance that the remote physician will be ready when needed, with no exceptions.  We work with you to fully understand your requirements and identify appropriate response criteria.  Unlike coverage models that measure response times based on a mere phone call connection, our partner response time commitments are based on the initiation of a live consultation with full video and audio connections established. Our goal is to consistently meet and exceed your expectations.

Flexibility to Suit Your Individual Needs

You may need full coverage for all remote consultations in your telemedicine program or you may only need partial coverage to supplement your staff and fill gaps such as nights and weekends.  Regardless of the scope of your requirements, we can structure a program that will comfortably address your immediate needs and easily adjust over time to suit your evolving needs.

Full Service

Your primary objectives are focused on the quality of patient care and ultimately their outcomes.  Our physician coverage model is designed to help you enhance that focus.  We’ll manage the details of physician credentialing, malpractice insurance and other potential distractions from those primary objectives.

Contact us to learn more about our unique physician coverage solutions.

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