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Disease‐​specific and specialty‐​specific clinical solutions in REACH are comprised of REACH Clinical Widget® applications.  Each widget serves as a clinical building block that supports a key aspect of the consultation.  For example, the Vital Signs widget provides the ability to view and update Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Blood Oxygen Saturation, Weight, Temperature and Blood Glucose.  For each consultation, physicians select the widgets needed based on the patient’s condition, treatment options and personal preferences.  Used together, the widgets form the clinical toolset that enables care team collaboration and encompasses the workflow and protocols, as well as a complete record of the consultation.

REACH provides clinical widgets needed to support a broad array of medical specialties including general examinations, stroke, behavioral health and others.  Widgets are also designed for use in many care settings including acute, clinic, rehab, long‐​term care and others.

Additional Specialties

The REACH platform is based on the unique concept of “clinical modularity.”  Because of this, many of the clinical widgets needed to support your specialty already exist.  These often include Vital Signs, Patient History, Labs, Follow‐​Up Care Plan and more.  Even though the widgets available in REACH cover a broad array of conditions, your requirements may be highly specialized and not fully addressed by the widgets that are currently available.

REACH Clinical Widgets are easily configured to address unique needs. Using the REACH Consult Designer, individual data elements can be relabeled, reordered, added or removed. Default units of measure, such as metric vs imperial, can be specified. New widgets can be created, by cloning an existing widget or starting from scratch. As new data fields or widgets are created, these are available within the system reporting and analytics dashboards.

Additionally, our inventory of REACH Clinical Widgets is constantly expanding and we may already be creating widgets that will address your requirements.  Depending on the complexity of your needs, new widgets can be created to support your specialized requirements in a matter of days.

Contact us to explore all the REACH Clinical Widgets, discuss your specialized clinical requirements and learn how REACH can address your needs.

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