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One in every six Americans is affected by neurological disease. While the demand for neurological evaluations is intensifying, the shortage of neurologists is becoming increasingly severe.  Because specialist resources are stretched thin, many healthcare providers are turning to telemedicine to ensure timely patient access.

The clinically proven REACH telemedicine solution for general neurology is used by healthcare providers to provide patients with rapid access to neurological specialists, ensure high‐​quality care, improve outcomes and streamline emergency department (ED) throughput.

The solution REACH is designed to facilitate the evaluation of a patient presenting to an ED or clinical care setting with any neurological problem. A remote neurologist can conduct an exam using comprehensive, specialty‐​focused documentation, workflow and protocols, supported by integrated imaging and real‐​time audio/​video.

Clinical evaluations and supporting data are organized based on patient history, vital signs, initial neurological evaluation, diagnostic tests and lab results, clinical impressions and follow‐​up plan.

Neurological exams can be facilitated with both physical assessments and cranial nerve assessment workflows.  These workflows encompass a broad array of specific exams including neuro /​ motor exam, neuro /​ cerebellar exam, olfactory, optic, oculomotor exams and more.  Additionally, the comprehensive neurological evaluation is supported by a variety of assessment tools to account for various conditions and physician preferences.  These include the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), Modified Rankin Scale and others.

If the exam exposes a condition undetected during the initial assessment, the consulting neurologist can easily adjust the focus of the exam by including the REACH Clinical Widget® applications associated with the condition.  For instance, if the patient is suspected of suffering from an ischemic stroke, the NIH Stroke Scale and tPA Administration widgets can be added to facilitate a stroke diagnosis and treatment recommendation.  This unique ability to adjust the clinical focus and scope of remote consultations provides the treatment team with unparalleled flexibility while fostering collaboration and promoting clinical protocols.

At the conclusion of a telemedicine consultation, a detailed consult report is generated to provide a comprehensive view of the patient encounter.  The results of the consultation can also be uploaded to the patient’s medical record in the EMR to ensure that historical treatment information is up to date.

Contact us to learn more or request a demonstration of this next‐​generation neurology telemedicine solution.

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