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Pediatric telemedicine consults are becoming increasingly common for assessing and treating infant and adolescent patients. Like many other medical specialties, the demand for pediatric specialists is increasing as the number of pediatricians is decreasing. REACH Health pediatric telemedicine software provides clinical workflow specifically designed for unique needs of pediatric patients.

Triage and Treat Pediatric Patients with Telemedicine Software
The REACH Health pediatric solution is designed to rapidly triage and treat pediatric patients in clinician‐​assisted settings such as the ED, clinic, school and others. REACH allows clinicians in these settings to connect with a pediatrician and perform a collaborative telemedicine consult.

REACH telemedicine software uses a modular approach comprised of REACH Clinical Widget® applications, which
provide unique support for care team collaboration. Clinical Widgets embody clinical exams, scales, tests and datasets that a pediatrician may select at his or her discretion. These semi‐​transparent Clinical Widgets sit atop a full screen view of the patient and enable real‐​time sharing of information for the care team. This information can be saved into the patient’s electronic medical record. Clinical Widgets may be selected, repositioned and downsized to suit the patient at hand and the pediatrician’s individual preferences.

Depending on the patient’s symptoms, a pediatrician may opt for Clinical Widgets applicable to a wide variety of patients, such as vitals, labs and allergies. A pediatrician can also choose child‐​specific Clinical Widgets, such as the Pediatric Glasgow Coma Scale (pGCS) or Pediatric Early Warning (PEW) scale.

Pediatric Telemedicine Consult screen
Key Benefits of Pediatric Telemedicine
Children are susceptible to particular diseases and sometimes present with symptoms different from adult patients. These and other factors sometime cause clinicians to be understandably cautious when assessing and treating child patients. Telemedicine extends the reach of pediatricians to hospitals and care settings that don’t always have the expertise readily available. Pediatric expertise allows collaborating clinicians to determine the best care pathway for individual patients. This means patients are treated faster and often in a more convenient, lower‐​cost care settings while they also avoid unnecessary transfers.

Interested in learning more? Request a demonstration of our pediatric telemedicine software.

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