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Telepsychiatry software from REACH Health supports the needs of remote psychiatrists and bedside clinicians by providing a clinical toolset for assessing and treating patients with symptoms of mental health disorders or substance abuse. REACH Health telemedicine software provides collaborative clinical workflow for behavioral health consults within multiple care settings while capturing important clinical data. This data can be used to assess important performance benchmarks, provide patient population statistics, and be leveraged for other various clinical and administrative functions.

Telepsychiatry Software for Psychiatric Triage

Mental disorders and/​or substance abuse are related to one of every eight ED cases in the U.S., equaling 12 million visits annually. Because these patients must be segregated and monitored, they can represent a costly drain on human and physical resources.  The American College of Emergency Physicians has reported on just how widespread the problem is.

In spite of the Joint Commission recommendation that ED boarding timeframes not exceed 4 hours in the interest of patient safety and quality of care, patients may wait hours, or even days, to see a psychiatric specialist for screening, treatment and disposition.

REACH Health telepsychiatry software is specifically designed to quickly rule out medical conditions such as acute psychosis caused by hypoglycemia, infection, or alcohol/​substance abuse, and diagnose underlying psychiatric disorders. Through the unique modular approach enabled by REACH Clinical Widget® applications, psychiatric consultations are streamlined using exams and assessment scales tailored for common behavioral health and substance issues. These include:

  • General psychiatric evaluation
  • Mini‐​Mental State Exam
  • Anxiety assessment
  • Depression assessment
  • Suicide severity assessment
  • Clinical withdrawal assessment for alcohol
  • Clinical opiate withdrawal assessment

These and other clinical widgets for vital signs, lab results, etc. are shared collaboratively between the ED clinicians and remote psychiatrists to facilitate accurate and timely assessments and treatment decisions.

 Behavioral Health consult

General Behavioral Health Evaluation

For broader behavioral health evaluations, REACH includes additional widgets used to diagnose, treat and document neurocognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, mood disorders and others. This comprehensive set of clinical tools enables the remote psychiatrist to assess and document a patient’s orientation, registration, attention, calculation, recall, and more within the clinical workflow enabled by the psychiatric evaluation widgets.

At the conclusion of an emergency or general behavioral health evaluation, the specialist can make a recommendation for the patient, alleviating delays and helping to reduce ED overcrowding. A detailed consult report is generated to provide a comprehensive view of the patient encounter.  The results of the consultation can also be uploaded to the patient’s medical record in the EMR to ensure that historical treatment information is up to date.

Contact us to learn more or request a demonstration of this next‐​generation psychiatry telemedicine solution.

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