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Each year in the US, there are more than five million emergency department visits related to breathing problems. The percentage of hospitalized patients on mechanical ventilators is estimated at nearly 3% — and increasing.

A growing shortage of specialist clinicians, including pulmonologists, is resulting in expensive patient transfers, delayed treatment and inconvenient travel for family and friends.  Numerous studies have determined that patient outcomes are improved when patients are treated in a familiar environment, closer to home.

The clinically proven Pulmonology Telemedicine solution from REACH Health is used by hospitals to provide patients with access to pulmonologists and specialist care teams, to ensure timely, convenient, high‐​quality care.  The solution is designed to facilitate the evaluation of patients suffering from a variety of pulmonary issues including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonia, pulmonary thromboembolism, acute respiratory distress syndrome, influenza related respiratory compromise, and others.

Using the REACH Pulmonology Telemedicine solution, a remote specialist conducts exams using comprehensive, specialty‐​focused workflow, treatment protocols and clinical data, supported by integrated imaging and real‐​time audio/​video.  Clinical evaluations and supporting data are selected using REACH Clinical Widget® applications.  These include patient history, initial pulmonary evaluation, ventilator management, diagnostic tests and lab results, impressions, follow‐​up plan and more.

Clinical Workflow for Pulmonology

The clinical workflows enabled by REACH Clinical Widgets, foster a collaborative team approach for the bedside clinicians and remote specialist.  Throughout the process, key data needed to make an accurate treatment recommendation is always visible.  As each member of the treatment team updates information in REACH, the updates are highlighted for the other team members.

The remote specialist controls the camera to assess the patient and participate in a two‐​way audio/​visual exchange with the patient, clinical staff and/​or the attending physician. The specialist can review trended vital signs and lab values, and view any diagnostic test results and images such as x‐​rays, CT images, EKGs, ultrasounds and more, all within the single REACH sign‐​on and application, on one device (laptop, tablet, etc.).  The remote specialist can also use an e‐​stethoscope to listen to the patient’s pulmonary function and log the results into the examination record within REACH.

At the conclusion of a pulmonology telemedicine consultation, a detailed consult report is generated to provide a comprehensive view of the patient encounter.  The results of the consultation can also be uploaded to the patient’s medical records in both the local and remote the EMR to ensure that historical treatment information is up to date.

Contact us to learn more or request a demonstration of this next‐​generation pulmonology telemedicine solution.

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