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The Patent‐​Pending REACH Telemedicine Platform

REACH 5.0 is a comprehensive telemedicine platform that is infinitely configurable and expandable to support clinical specialties across the continuum of healthcare settings. The key capabilities of the REACH telemedicine platform include:

Full Feature Audio and Video

The REACH telemedicine platform includes integrated HD audio and video:

  • Intelligent Adaptive Video Layering – Based on the latest advancements in WebRTC, REACH provides unmatched video quality over the Internet and 4G networks.
  • Multi‐​party Capabilities – Allows multiple clinicians to collaborate on the same telemedicine encounter.
  • End to End Encryption – Provides HIPAA‐​compliant security during telemedicine sessions.
  • Remote Camera Controls – Enables clinicians to remotely control camera pan, tilt, and zoom, providing better physician‐​to‐​patient interaction and assessment.

Clinical Protocols and Documentation

The REACH telemedicine platform features a rich clinical toolset, specifically tailored for providing care via telemedicine:

  • Common clinical data acquisition interface – Eliminates the challenges often associated with disparate EMR and ancillary clinical solutions
  • Robust Clinical Protocols – Improves patient care through interactive, REACH Clinical Widgets
  • Clinically relevant data elements – Optimizes data capture efficiencies tailored to each clinical specialty.  Unlike trying to use an EMR archive system to document the patient consultation, REACH eliminates the overhead and distractions by enabling physicians to select only the data that is relevant to each consultation.
  • Centralized Medical Imaging Viewer – Improves physician efficiency by providing a single source for all relevant medical images
  • Detailed Consultation Reporting – Satisfies record keeping requirements and facilitates billing and reimbursement by delivering comprehensive clinical documentation for each telemedicine consultation

Our telemedicine platform provides tailored support for each of your clinical specialties. Let us show you how…


Collaborative Clinical Workflow

Clinical workflows in REACH extend far beyond basic operational workflow (such as defining when a specialist should join a consultation), to map out the treatment protocols for each clinical specialty and foster collaboration among all members of the treatment team:

  • Tailored – Clinical workflows are tailored for each specialty and can be adjusted to support the standard treatment protocols of each provider organization
  • Collaboration – Workflows and documentation are shared by each member of the treatment team.  As updates and recommendations are entered, all participants are alerted to the changes.  This unique design is proven to truly enhance teamwork and clinical effectiveness.
  • Warnings and Contraindications — As updates are entered, REACH can be configured to validate  values and provide immediate alerts that help physicians discern between basic warnings and true contraindications
  • Decision Support Tools – With clinical intelligence for each specialty built into REACH, the system provides additional support for both symptom diagnosis and evaluation of treatment options.

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Infinite Configurability

The REACH telemedicine platform enables program administrators and/​or IT personnel to fine‐​tune clinical and administrative functionality as they create enterprise telemedicine programs that span multiple medical specialties and care settings.  Our expert implementation team helps you rapidly addresses unique requirements that can often vary among facilities within the same telemedicine network.  Using the REACH Consult Designer:

  • REACH Clinical Widget® applications can be added to or removed from a specialty
  • Within widgets, individual data elements can be relabeled, reordered, added or removed
  • Default units of measure, such as metric vs imperial, can be specified,
  • New or customized widgets can be created by cloning an existing widget or starting from scratch
  • As new data fields or widgets are created, these are available for use in the REACH reports and analytics dashboards
  • Current and new widgets can be grouped together to specifically address the clinical requirements of any medical specialty or care setting

These capabilities support virtually unlimited configurability of REACH to support your current and evolving telemedicine requirements.

Reporting and Analytics

Through the analytics dashboard and reports in REACH, administrators can monitor clinical metrics from individual consultations as well as broader trends based on specialties and service lines, physicians and facilities:

  • Full‐​Spectrum Reporting – REACH includes the reports and analytics dashboards needed for full‐​spectrum monitoring, ranging from overall telemedicine program performance to clinical recaps of each individual consultation
  • Built in Reports – Pre‐​defined reports including registration volume and key protocol metrics, provide at‐​a‐​glance views into telemedicine program performance.
  • Customizable Reports – Help telemedicine program administrators further monitor and manage the performance of an enterprise telemedicine program, as well as provide support for regulatory reporting requirements
  • Detailed Consultation Reporting – Satisfies recordkeeping requirements and aids billing and reimbursement by delivering comprehensive clinical documentation of each telemedicine encounter.
  • Universal Data Formats – REACH reports can be exported into common formats such as Excel for further ad‐​hoc analysis

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2‐​Way EMR Integration

The REACH platform provides a variety of automated options for streamlining data flow to and from EMR systems.  These options range from the creation and attachment of PDF reports to patient records in the EMR, up to and including field‐​level mapping to and from the EMR record.

  • Pull Patient Data into REACH – At the onset of a consultation, clinicians can pull the patient’s vital signs, lab results and treatment history directly into REACH from the ADT and/​or the EMR.  This automated function can save valuable minutes in time‐​sensitive situations and reduce the potential for errors by eliminating dual‐​entry of data.
  • Push Patient Data to the EMR – The results of consultations can be uploaded to both the EMR at the local provider facility and the remote hospital if the patient will be transferred for further treatment.

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Compliant, Secure and Reliable

The REACH platform is designed to address the security and reliability demands of today’s healthcare environment:

REACH Availability - 12 month rolling average

  • HIPAA Compliant — The REACH platform fully conforms to HIPAA compliance guidelines to ensure that sensitive patient information is safeguarded
  • Support for Accreditation Standards — Robust reporting supports JCAHO and other requirements for disease specific certification
  • Federal Drug Administration MDDS classification.
  • Tier‐​4 Data Center — REACH production systems are housed in secure facilities that adhere to SSAE16 control standards.
  • Secure Communications — All Telemedicine sessions are secured using AES‐​128 or greater transmission encryption
  • High Reliability – The REACH platform is designed with secure and highly available system architecture to maximize system availability.  System up‐​time averages 99.97% or better.

Contact us to learn more about the many unique benefits of the REACH telemedicine platform.

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